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About a month ago, Transparency Market Research estimated that the global legionella testing market was valued at US$180 million in 2016. In addition, Transparency Market Research also estimated that the testing market would reach around US$398.7 million by 2025. Perhaps one of the biggest factors for future growth moving forward is that the incidence rate is increasing globally, particularly in developing regions. With this higher incidence of infectious diseases comes a steady increase in the demand for diagnostic kits and with it the global legionella testing market is expected to substantially grow.

As it stands now, the incidence rate of infectious diseases is relatively minimal within developed countries however transmission of diseases across regions through migration is increasing which will in turn fuel demand for diagnostic tests and kits across the globe. Increasing healthcare spending is also expected to increase demand for better legionella testing and diagnostic methods. The increase in the cost of treatment, lack of reimbursement policies for legionella testing within developing regions, and the side effects associated with legionella treatment are still restraining the growth of the legionella testing market.

The report also notes that the presence of several key players has led to a dominance of the region. In addition, the relatively supportive stance of many European countries such as the UK, France, and Germany towards legionella testing research has allowed the countries to gain an important place in the global legionella testing market. In regards to the Asia Pacific and Latin America, awareness about accessible healthcare has led to early diagnosis along with a rise in investments into the healthcare sector.

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