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A European research consortium, comprised of university researchers, chemical analysis labs, and an Italian HVAC manufacturer. Researchers at the POSEIDON Project, which stands for Plasmonic-Based Automated Lab-on-Chip Sensor for the Rapid in-Situ Detection of Legionella, have begun the testing phase of a device that can instantly detect legionella. The device uses an optical sensor to automatically detect the presence of legionella bacteria. The current method of testing for the presence of legionella takes days, as a sample is taken and analysts wait for a culture of legionella bacteria to grow. The POSEIDON Project is only slated to be installed in HVAC and water systems as a means of providing automatic detection. There are no current plans to apply this technology to the medical field.

To read more about Project POSEIDON click here. To visit the official Project POSEIDON website, click here.

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