legionnaires disease in Las Vegas
March 5, 2023 zacherlaw 0 Comments

According to news reports, the Southern Nevada Health District is investigating two cases of Legionnaires’ disease at a hotel in Las Vegas. The guests stayed there in ecember 2022 and January 2023. Legionella bacteria was found at the Clarion Hotel again according to the news report. It appears that the legionella was found in the potable water system. This office has previously represented numerous guests who had stayed at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas and acquired Legionnaires’ disease as part of an outbreak. These victims also acquired their disease from the potable water system. The transmission of the disease occurred in the Aria case while guests were using the showers and faucets. The transmission occurred because the water coming from the shower heads and faucets was aerosolized, which allowed for the legionella bacteria to enter the lungs of the victims. The Aria case was one of the largest outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease in the country. It included at least one death. It is too early to know how the current outbreak will develop at the Clarion.
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