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A recent Huffington Post article draws attention to the nationwide problem of Legionnaires’ disease and to the benefits of mandatory tests for the disease.

In a June 30 piece, Joseph Erbentraut discusses the deadly risk of Legionnaires’ disease as well as the surprising absence of legislation to prevent it. Erbentraut was prompted to write the piece by the recent Legionellosis outbreak in Flint, MI, but the article draws attention to the nationwide prevalence of the disease and the threat it poses to the elderly and infirm. Experts quoted in the article point out the fact that Legionnaires’ disease is often underreported as its symptoms resemble pneumonia. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued documents suggesting strategies to control the disease; still, these suggestions have no legislative backing, and “voluntary testing can only go so far”.

The Huffington Post has covered Legionnaires’ disease in the past, with a particular focus on cases arising from the water contamination in Flint. Erbentraut also has a history of covering issues of water safety for the site.

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