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On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, a Brooke Army Medical Center staff member was confirmed to have Legionnaires’ disease. This confirmation was made by the Brooke Army Medical Center spokesman Robert Whetstone on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 and in addition to the two previous cases of Legionnaires disease reported last August, makes this incident officially an outbreak according to the Emerging and Acute Infectious Disease Guidelines.

According to Mr. Whetstone, “the health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority, and we are working diligently with local and regional public health officials to investigate this matter,”. In addition, Whetstone added that Brooke Army Medical Center is, “not currently aware of any patients or clients who have moved through Building #15 who are exhibiting symptoms.”

At this time, it appears as though testing is still ongoing in order to determine the exact source of the bacterial infection. That said, the hospital appears to be attempting preventative measures regarding Building #15 by specifically relocating staff who currently work in the building to different location.

Clearly this is still an ongoing investigation however the fact that this third reported case comes on top of two other cases which date back to August of last year is a bit disconcerting. Indeed the hope at this point is that by having the whole process officially deemed an outbreak, public health officials and administrators at the Brooke Army Medical Center will put in the efforts necessary in order to properly identify the source of the Legionella bacteria and to ensure that no other individuals become infected.

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