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Earlier this month, a resident at a Veterans Home in Fresno, California tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease. There were no other incidents at the facility, according to Deputy Secretary for Communication at the California Department of Veterans Affairs June Iljana, and apparently residents, staff and visitors at the Veterans home were receiving bottled water out of precaution.

It is worth noting that according to Iljana, the particular resident who contracted Legionnaires’ disease lived in the residential care portion and would come and go at their own will so “could have been exposed somewhere else”. That said, in 2017, two Fresno nursing homes were investigated for Legionnaires’ disease and the health department apparently reported a case of a death by Legionnaires’ disease last February within a nursing home.

Clearly regardless of wherever the resident contracted Legionnaires’ disease, the incident should raise awareness. Indeed it may be of even more concern that at this time, it appears as though the subject of where this resident contracted Legionnaires’ disease is still unknown. Yet this scare may prove to actually promote something positive; by having the Veterans home investigate their water distribution system, officials within the home may prevent any kind of incident or further incident from occurring in the future.

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