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VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Legionella bacteria were discovered at the Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Health System in January during routine testing.  The hospital imposed water restrictions at the facility to prevent infection after the bacteria were discovered in multiple sinks.  Testing occurred from Jan. 6 to Jan. 27 during which nine sinks and two supply lines tested positive for Legionella, bacteria known to cause a more virulent form of pneumonia.  Water restrictions were put in place on Jan. 28 and will last 14 days. There have been no reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease associated with the VA Pittsburgh as a result of this recent testing.

In a press release, the hospital said, “The health and safety of our veterans, employees and visitors is our top priority…Out of an abundance of caution, we are extending water restrictions for at least the next 14 days as we complete remediation, and await subsequent water test results to ensure eradication of the bacteria was successful.”

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