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Two people were hospitalized with Legionnaires’ disease after visiting the Foothill Ranch community pool and spa located at 27021 Burbank in Foothill Ranch, California. While it was originally unclear whether or not the community pool and spa was the cause of these illnesses, testing performed by the Orange County Health Care Agency revealed that three samples from the spa tested positive for Legionella bacteria.

Legionella bacteria can be found in warm hot tub water when it is not properly cleaned or disinfected. When this water becomes aerosolized and inhaled through the lungs, a person may contract Legionnaires disease, a severe type of pneumonia caused by exposure to the Legionella bacteria.

The facility shut down on May 12, 2017 to test their water sources. Since the discovery of the bacteria, they have implemented measures such as new filter material, cleaning of all surfaces, replacement and superchlorination of the water, and a UV/ozone device was added to the filtration system. Additional testing is set to occur to determine if these measures have helped eradicate the bacteria. Once the results come back negative, the facility plans to reopen.

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