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A recent outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at the Guildford Town Centre mall in Surrey, British Columbia indicates that cooling towers at the mall may be the source of the disease. This firm has represented numerous persons who contracted the disease from a cooling tower at the Opera House Hotel in the Bronx, New York. The dynamics of a cooling tower outbreak are interesting. The cooling tower works by warm air coming from inside the building passing over cooler water in the tower. Unfortunately, biofilm builds up at the base of the tower which contains the legionella bacteria causing Legionnaires’ disease. The biofilm is aerosolized and then distributed by the air coming off the biofilm to the surrounding locale. This invisible air containing the sometimes deadly bacteria which then strikes people unawares of the dangerous condition. Indeed, this is what happened to pedestrians walking on the sidewalk surrounding the Opera House Hotel and most likely happened to customers of the Surrey mall.

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