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Senior living facilities in Maryland and New York have reported the presence of Legionella bacteria, leading in some cases to Legionnaires’ Disease.

A resident of The Commons, a senior living facility in Auburn, NY, tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease in early June. Officials conducted tests and found that the facility’s drinking water was contaminated with the Legionella bacteria. The facility has taken preventative measures to control the bacteria, following guidelines established by the New York Health Department. No new cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been reported.

The Lutheran Village in Elliot City, MD has reported that two of their residents have contracted Legionnaires’ disease this year. The senior living facility opened in April. Following the second case, officials shut off water to residents; though the source of the disease remains unknown, they are planning to treat their water system with chlorine on Sunday.

The Nottingham, a senior living facility in Jamesville, NY, has also restricted its residents’ water use following tests that revealed the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water system. No cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been reported, but the hospital has advised patients to use bottled water and to use only showers that have been fitted with a filter.

More information is available here.

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