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The Golden Sands Condo in Ocean Park, MD
The Golden Sands Condo in Ocean Park, MD

More people have been sickened by Legionnaires’ disease at a condominium in Ocean Park, Maryland. The Golden Sands Club Condominium reported the second round of cases in less than a year.

Last November, four people who had previously stayed at the Golden Sands Club Condominium were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. The guests had stayed at the large beachfront complex during October 2015. Though the outbreak was never officially linked to the condominiums, facility managers tested the water there and found Legionella bacteria. Managers installed a water treatment system in April in an attempt to control the bacteria. They also notified prospective guests and the health department, as required by law. Some of the victims involved in the fall outbreak have retained counsel.

Unfortunately, the treatment system seems to have been unsuccessful, as two more people have now been diagnosed after staying at the complex. The health department has again released a statement saying that individuals who stayed at the complex in June have contracted Legionnaires’ disease, and they have promised to keep the public informed about further developments.

For more information on the recent outbreak, click here.

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