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Without giving away too much about how I try a case, my firm’s focus has always been about the behavior of the party where my client contracted Legionnaires’ disease. All too often Judges and defense attorneys focus on the extent of the damages, i.e. how long the client was in the hospital and whether the client is still suffering from any residue from contracting the disease. This is a false emphasis and only one part of the equation as to how much the jury verdict should be. Rather, evidence such as a hotel where the client stayed not having a permit to operate its spa , spending little if any monies on maintaining the infrastructure, including the potable water system,  and destroying any evidence of legionella being present in the hotel’s spa water before sampling for the presence of legionella bacteria could occur , are just a few examples of how the behavior of the defendant should drive the verdict amount and not just hospital bills. Incidentally, all three types of defendant injurious behavior are present in cases this firm is currently representing numerous clients.

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