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A patient at the UW Medical Center in Seattle, WA has filed a claim against the hospital after she contracted Legionnaires’ disease while recovering from a transplant.

Victoria Martin, 32, underwent a successful heart transplant on August 8, 2016. She was placed on a standard program of immunosuppressant drugs, which made her more vulnerable to infections and bactera such as Legionella. When she contracted Legionnaires’ disease after the transplant, she was put on a respirator in the ICU for 25 days. She spent a total of 35 days in the hospital undergoing treatment for the disease. She still returns to the hospital and suffers lingering consequences from the infection.

Ms. Martin was one of five patients who were infected with Legionella bacteria. Two later died, though their deaths were not directly caused by Legionnaires’ disease. UWMC was quick to respond to news of the outbreak by chlorinating and disinfecting its water supply, and no further Legionella exposures have been reported since the remediation.

Now, lawyers for Ms. Martin have filed a claim seeking damages for lost earnings, medical expenses, and physical and emotional harm. An investigation is pending.

More information is available here.

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