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St Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica, New York has found small amounts of legionella bacteria in a handful of sampling locations throughout the campus. The results have been reported to the New York State Department of Health, and the hospital is currently in the process of remediating the presence of legionella. The tests were conducted in accordance with New York state guidelines that require all hospitals within the state to routinely sample their facilities for the presence of legionella. These guidelines were implemented in mid-2016 in response to two deadly outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease in the Bronx that took the lives of 10 people, and affected over a 100 more. 

More information about this can be found here: http://www.uticaod.com/news/20170406/mohawk-valley-health-system-legionella-found-in-2016-active-shooter-drill-conducted-thursday


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