Natl Healthcare 2022 Report
December 16, 2022 zacherlaw 0 Comments

A new US government report prepared by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality stated that 250,000 patients a year are misdiagnosed in emergency rooms. Some of these misdiagnoses includes failure to identify pneumonia. Legionnaires’ disease is a form of pneumonia. While failure to properly diagnose Legionnaires’ disease may lead to inappropriate care in the hospital, various other issues from the incorrect diagnosis of Legionnaires’ disease.

            Legionnaires’ disease is perhaps one of the most under-reported diseases in this country. According to the CDC, there are approximately 25,000 cases of the disease per year. The actual number could be much higher if the disease were properly diagnosed in the ER. Higher reported numbers of cases could lead to greater surveillance and protective measures by federal, state and local governments. Higher reported cases could also lead to greater public awareness with resultant preventive efforts by industry, e.g. hotels, cruise ships and hospitals.

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