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Many people are not aware that showers are a major source of the legionella bacteria being transmitted to a human. This transmission occurs because of a buildup of the legionella bacteria, which causes Legionnaires’ disease, in the showerhead. Once the bacteria is in the showerhead, water containing the bacteria passes through the showerhead holes, thereby aeroslozing  the water and allowing for the inhalation of the bacteria into the lungs of the person getting Legionnaires’ disease. One way to prevent the buildup of the bacteria in the showerhead is to replace the showerheads periodically. Another method is to take off the showerhead and put it into a bucket of bleach, thereby killing the bacteria. A final method is to make sure that the temperature of the water when it gets to the showerhead is hot enough to kill any bacteria that may be in pipes supplying water or in the showerhead itself.  These simple maintenance procedures, as part of an overall water management plan, can save thousands of people from getting sick or dying from Legionnaires’ disease.

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