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The former director of disease control and prevention at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Corrine Miller, has been sentenced for her involvement in the 2014-2015 outbreak of Legionnaires Disease that killed 12 people in Flint. Corrine Miller admitted to knowing about 100 cases of Legionnaires Disease in the Flint area and failing to report these findings to local hospitals, as well as the general public. Last September, Miller pleaded no contest to a charge of willful neglect of duty, the least serious of the charges filed against her. Miller received 1 year of probation, as well as 100 hours of community service. Judge Jennifer Manley also ordered Miller to write a letter of apology to the people of Flint.


Jules Zacher is an attorney in Philadelphia who has tried Legionnaires’ disease cases across the U.S.  Please visit again for updates.

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