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Street view of 1600 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, NY
Street view of 1600 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, NY

On Monday night, tenants of 1600 Sedgwick Ave in Morris Heights came home to a letter from the New York City Department of Health, notifying them that two tenants of the building had tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease.

The two cases of Legionnaires’ disease were diagnosed about 12 months apart from each other. The New York City Department of Health held a meeting at the Sedgwick Ave building Monday night, and indicated that they are in the process of testing the building’s water supply as a possible source of the Legionella bacteria that caused these two cases. In the meantime, they have advised tenants of the building to reduce exposure to water vapor by taking baths (as opposed to showers) and to avoid cooking with hot water.

The Aspen Management Company that runs the building has indicated that they were notified of the cases of Legionnaires’ disease at the same time the tenants were, and that they will follow the recommendations of the New York City Department of Health.

Jules Zacher is an attorney in Philadelphia who has tried Legionnaires’ disease cases across the U.S.  Please visit again for updates.

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