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Garston Lane hospital in Wantage, a town in Oxfordshire, is closing due to plumbing issues.  According to the hospital trust, the “old and corroded” pipes present a threat of Legionella bacteria to the public.

Wantage residents, however, are fighting to keep it open.  The campaign was launched this past Saturday and the petition already has over 1,600 signatures.

The hospital is currently set to close in the early summer and has plans to “set aside” funds for repairs.  No work will begin until it can be determined how the hospital will be renovated.

However, the trust also said in a recent statement “Given the high cost of the works required the trust is concerned that the future use of the building should be determined before undertaking an expensive building project which may then need to be changed as a result of the consultation.”

Mayor StJohn Dickson believes that Legionella “will give them an excuse to close the hospital down,” but that the residents of Wantage will “demand better or equal services in the area.”

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