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Modern life gives soon-to-be mothers a range of options to chose from when preparing to bring her child into the world. Increasingly, mothers are opting for a natural birth with some choosing to delivery their babies at home as opposed to at a hospital.

A method of delivery known as water birthing has grown increasingly popular as part of this trend. During these births, a mother sits half submerged in a pool or tub of warm water as she delivers her child. As a form of natural birth, proponents claim that water births provides the mother with some small comfort in the absence of any pain medication. However, in attempt to prevent their child from experiencing the negative effects associated with pain medication administered in a hospital, mothers opting for a water birth unknowingly put themselves and their newborn at risk. The warm water of birthing tubs used in this delivery method are an ideal breeding ground for legionella, the bacteria which causes the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ Disease.


In Arizona, two newborns have confirmed diagnoses of Legionnaires’ Disease due to tap water being heated in an enclosed birth tub. Click here to read a Washington Post that provides more information about how birth tubs can cause legionnaires’ disease.


If you believe you or someone you know has been affected by Legionnaires’ Disease, do not hesitate to Contact us to see if we can help.

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