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Empty Hospital Bed in a Ward

88 people contracted Legionnaires’ disease from June 2014 to November 2015. Until recently, nine of those 88 had died due to the illness, but health officials have added another individual to the list of those who succumbed to Legionnaires’ disease bringing the total to 10. The outbreak in Flint, MI has been one of the worst outbreaks in history, breaking the top ten in number of deaths recorded.

While a conclusive link between the Flint River and the water crisis in Flint has not been fully established, the circumstances strongly suggest that oversights by both the Flint government and the EPA led to a disastrous situation in which many people were permanently affected or died. Many Michigan families have filed lawsuits against the government of Flint, but it doesn’t not look as though any retribution will be occurring in the near future. In situation such as these, court proceedings can last decades due to the number of parties involved.

The Governor Snyder and the Michigan representative for the EPA have admitted that the “system failed” and that multiple levels of government did not function properly which resulted in the crisis, but what implications do those statements have for the future? What new policies can be implemented that would prevent situations like this from occurring?Only time will tell, and hopefully we won’t hear about any disasters like this one anytime soon.


For more information about the 10th death, please visit Local 4 Michigan News’ site: Here



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