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Over the past few weeks, we have been following the Quincy, Illinois Veterans Home outbreak, one which has so far contributed to the death of 13 residents of the Veterans home while infecting dozens more. Now, as of this morning, officials have come forward and reported that in fact two additional confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease among the residents of the veterans’ home have been discovered.

Meanwhile the Illinois Department of Public Health made an announcement Monday evening that it had already removed faucets from residents’ rooms in the veteran’s home and were collecting water samples along with taking other additional steps to try and ensure the safety of the water. As it stands now, the Illinois Department of Public Health states that the two individuals involved with the newly confirmed cases are doing well.

This ongoing case is one which we will certainly continue to follow however it continues to be a somewhat surprising and unsettling incident mainly due to the continuation of cases being discovered. Indeed as a review, this outbreak largely stems back from the fall of 2015; the fact that even now, additional confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease are being discovered is not an encouraging sign. Ensuring that there are regular methods for monitoring the safety of the water and water distribution system within state facilities would help all parties involved and would ultimately help ensure the safety of every individual who interacts with these facilities.

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