Legionnaire Lawyer

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Jules Zacher is an Attorney Representing Victims of Legionnaires’ disease Nationally.
This site contains news and information on Legionnaires’ disease, from both a general and legal perspective.

New SlideNYC Department of Health: Increase in Legionnaires' disease diagnoses in Queens

Legionella confirmed at Hervey Bay Hospital

Co-op City, Bronx lawsuit filed

Former Pittsburgh VA director returns as private contractor

WHO advises on naming diseases to avoid offense

Chlorine treatment eating away at pipes at VA campuses

What is Legionnaires’ disease?     Legionnaires’ disease is a bacterial illness that is often acquired through inhalation of contaminated water and can cause symptoms of pneumonia.  Find out more.

Do you have a case?    Jules Zacher has had success helping his clients pursue lawsuits.  Learn more about Litigation

What’s new in the world of Legionella?     Visit the blog to stay current on scientific and legal news related to Legionnaires’ disease and opinions on the subject.