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West Haven CT VA hospital

The West Haven VA Healthcare System hospital in Connecticut has been cited by the Veterans Administration’s Office of Inspector General for multiple violations including unclean operating rooms, inadequate supervision, and high absentee rates.  An inspection was conducted after claims were made about the lack of precaution in the hospital environment.

report released yesterday, February 18, by the House Committee on Veterans Affairs revealed that “terminal cleaning procedures in the OR (operating room) are not performed appropriately” and that the hospital’s “Environmental Management Services (EMS) has insufficient staff resources assigned to the OR.”

The report further states that the “EMS staff do not utilize standard operating procedures (SOPs) or checklists for cleaning that are consistent with recognized industry standards.” 

The Office of the Inspector General made recommendations to improve cleanliness in the OR as well as HVAC preventive maintenance.

“We recommended that the Facility Director strengthen SOPs for OR cleaning and develop and implement policies and procedures to address management of infectious patients, HVAC preventive maintenance, and insect control in the OR.  We also recommended that the Facility Director reassess EMS staffing needs and supervisors receive training on OR environment of care requirements.  Additionally, we recommended that the Facility Director implement procedures to monitor the OR environment of care and to address identified deficiencies.”

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