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St. Clement's Court

Geoffrey Platts, a war veteran who had survived 25 missions in a bomber over Germany, has died of Legionnaires’ disease in October 2012 in Herne Bay, a town in South East England.

Mr. Platts, aged 88, contracted the water-borne illness and developed pneumonia through a shower connected to a poorly maintained plumbing system at his flat at St. Clement’s Court in Canterbury Road.  Legionella bacteria were later discovered at three other flats in St. Clement’s Court.  An inquest was heard following this discovery.

Mr. Platt’s son, David, who now lives in Normandy, France, came to Canterbury for the inquest and said “My father served on 25 missions as a rear gunner in a liberator bomber when the average life expectancy was three trips.  He survived that, but not this.  It’s appalling.

“My old man didn’t have lots of health problems.  He wasn’t ready to die.

“This year is the 70th anniversary of D-Day and he was going to come over to us in Normandy.  It really upsets me that he won’t be here.”

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