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This is an update to the previous post: http://www.legionnairelawyer.com/update-one-death-and-30-additional-cases-in-scotland/

According to reports by CBS News and other sources, the number of cases in the Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak continues to climb.  The latest number is 51, including one death.  Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon reported these numbers on Thursday, and warned that, due to the 2-14 day incubation period for Legionnaires’ disease, the numbers would likely rise.  Scotland has not experienced an outbreak of this magnitude since the 1980s.  Officials are still unsure of the specific source of the Legionella bacteria, but have blamed industrial cooling towers in south west Edinburgh as the likely cause.

Experts believe that this outbreak was preventable, and that had procedures been followed, it could have been avoided.  As Professor Hugh Pennington–the leading bacteriologist at Aberdeen University–put it: “This is not an act of God. This is a failure of maintenance by someone and simply should not happen.”  Investigations in the coming months will dig deeper into the question of who is responsible.

Please check back for updates on this outbreak.


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