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The University of Washington Medical Center has received 12 citations totaling $54,000 from the state following an investigation which revealed concerns about Legionella bacteria.

According to a letter from the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industry, UW was instructed to “[c]orrect all violations and return written verification or additional penalties may result.”

UW was also instructed to “post this Citation and Notice of Assessment at or near where the violation(s) occurred, where employees can easily find and read it, or where employees normally receive posted information.”  All postings are to stay up for at least three working days or until all violations have been corrected.

According to Sarah Bright with the Washington Federation of State Employees, “green slime (was found) growing in one of the cooling towers,” but workers, medical staff, and patients were not told about the growth of bacteria.

Ms. Bright has been working with a group of employees at the UW Medical Center to tighten testing protocol to ensure that employees be notified about any positive test results of Legionella bacteria in the future.

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