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city college brighton hove

Legionella bacteria were detected at City Revival, the hair and beauty salon at City College Brighton and Hove.  The hair salon was closed following this discovery, but the problem has apparently been going on for four weeks.

According to a source, “The hair salon has been closed, but all pipework is linked across the whole of Pelham Tower” and the staff were instructed to not discuss the Legionella problem.

“We are concerned for staff and student welfare and concerned by a lack of information,” the source continued.

In a statement given by the City College, a spokesman said “Due to a very low level of bacteria being detected in a single non-drinking water outlet in the City Revival salons during routine checks, City College has temporarily suspended hairdressing and washing facilities at the salon as an extra precaution while water treatment specialists continue to resolve the issue and ensure the water meets stringent industry standards, which are being maintained throughout Pelham Tower.

“The identification of bacteria has not resulted in the need for any other outlets to be isolated.

“Appropriate action has been taken and we are expecting the facilities to be available again shortly.”

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