Types of Legionnaire’s Disease

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There are three types of Legionnaire’s disease.

Travel-Associated Legionnaires’ Disease: The first type and most common is travel-associated Legionnaire’s disease. Just as the name implies, this type of Legionnaire’s disease is acquired while traveling. Sources of the this type of Legionnaire’s disease have included the water systems of hotels, cruise ships, as well as whirlpool spas and hot tubs.

Community Acquired Legionnaires’ Disease: Community acquired Legionnaire’s disease is acquired in the general community. A cooling tower at a mall could be the source of this type of the disease.

Nosocomial Legionnaires’ Disease: The final type of Legionnaire’s disease is hospital acquired and has been given the name Nosocomial. Again it is the water supply that is usually the culprit in an outbreak at a hospital. Unfortunately, many of the victims of the disease have compromised health which is the every reason they are in the hospital in the first place.