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 IU Health University Hospital

The IU (Indiana University) Health University Hospital announced yesterday, February 4 that two of its patients diagnosed with Legionnaires ’ disease had died.

According to the medical director of infection control for Indiana University Health, Dr. Douglas Webb, one patient’s death was linked to Legionnaires’ disease, a pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria; the other patient who died also had Legionella pneumonia, but it is unclear whether or not this illness was a major contributing factor to the death.

Indiana University Health tested its water system after the second diagnosis of Legionnaires’ disease and found Legionella bacteria.  The hospital tests its water regularly, but Webb said this is the first instance he’s known the hospital to test positive for Legionella.  IU Health workers treated the hospital’s water over the weekend and subsequent tests results showed that the attempts were successful in eradicating the bacteria from the system.

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