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An article posted last week in the NY Sun discussed the CDC’s errors in recent public health issues including its response to Ebola.  The article calls Ebola a “wake-up call, because the CDC has been fumbling its most important jobs for several years. ”

The article goes on to discuss  multiple public health topics in the US including domestic preparedness, lab safety, the dangers of inaction regarding Legionella, hospital superbugs, and the CDC’s confusion in its mission.

“Deadly inaction on Legionella: The CDC has chosen to ignore Legionnaire’s Disease, rather than control or prevent it. It’s a type of pneumonia you can only get from water in contaminated pipes. Europeans routinely test their pipes for the bug, which is easily eradicated. The CDC, in contrast, opposes testing until tragedy strikes, like the 2012 outbreak at the Pittsburgh VA that killed five. As a result, the problem has more than quadrupled in the last decade. Amazingly, the CDC doesn’t even have current data on Legionnaire’s Disease, though Paul Edelstein of the University of Pennsylvania estimates that it infects more Americans each year than HIV.”

To read the entire article, please click here.

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