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Taiwan CDC

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Taiwan warned the public to “regularly clean and replace the water filters in their drinking-water dispensers” after finding that two newborns contracted Legionnaires’ disease last year from a water cooler.

According to Chuang Jen-hsiang, Deputy Director-General of the CDC, these cases of infants contracting Legionnaires’ disease from a water cooler are the first of their kind and that the findings of these cases will be published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.

“Both of the newborns resided in central Taiwan and started exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia seven days after their birth. They were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease — a serious type of lung infection — in April and October last year respectively, after their phlegm tested positive for the Legionella bacteria,” Chuang said.

Besides both having contracted Legionnaires’ disease from water coolers, the infant cases are not linked in anyway.  The newborns did not live near each other and were not delivered at the same hospital.

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