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St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center

Testing conducted by the State of New York has confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center’s water system where three patients were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease.

Last month, preliminary testing indicated Legionella may have been present in the system; however, results from Monday definitively showed the bacteria were found in two patient sinks as well as an ice machine.

Kathryn Ruscitto, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center reassured the public that the hospital’s actions prevented additional cases saying, “We put in place full restrictions for our entire campus, but all of the measures we put in place two weeks ago prevented that from going any further. We have no had any cases since October 12.”

One of the three patients who contracted Legionnaires’ disease eventually died due to the illness.  The hospital says that it has taken extra precautions to prevent future cases.

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