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A San Jose couple, Nancy and Bill Whitney, visiting Palm Springs as a potential retirement location ended up contracting Legionnaires’ disease while staying at the Hyatt Regency Suites in Palm Springs.  They were at the hotel for three nights in October 2011 and then began to feel ill upon their return to the Bay Area.

Nancy Whitney said “We had headaches and our stomach wasn’t feeling good.  It just felt like the flu.”  She improved, but her husband of 30 years got worse and she had to take him to Washington Hospital in Fremont, Calif.

“They asked us where we had been, if we had been on any trips, had been to warm weather where there was air conditioning,” said Mrs. Whitney.  Tests results confirmed that he had Legionnaires’ disease.

Just five days after his hospital admittance, Bill Whitney passed away.

His widow, Nancy, learned that the Hyatt hotel that they stayed at was only about 50 yards from the hotel’s cooling towers, a known source for contracting Legionnaires’ disease.  These cooling towers were positive for Legionella bacteria.  As a result of these findings, she is now seeking legal help.

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