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The Southern Nevada Health District has compiled an interim report on the outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.  The interim report outlines the investigative and remediation efforts undertaken at the Aria during the months of June and July, 2011.  The conclusions reached by the Southern Nevada Health District in conjunction with the CDC were as follows:

  1. All six patients reported to the CDC who had stayed at the Aria during the incubation period of Legionnaires’ disease were laboratory confirmed through urine testing and had the same serogroup, LP1, the same serogroup found in the water at the Aria hotel;
  2. The identification of 6 associated cases is very unusual and indicative of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease at the Aria;
  3. The most likely source of exposure was showering by the guests;
  4. The identification of these cases and the water sample results indicate a systemic contamination problem throughout the hotel water system, and a comprehensive water management and remediation program will be needed to disinfect the system and maintain disinfection on an ongoing basis.

The entire interim report can be read here.

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