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Grace A. Dunn Middle School Trenton

A custodial worker working at Grace A. Dunn Middle School in Trenton, NJ was diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease late last month before the winter break.  The school underwent testing and remediation while closed for the holidays.

The school reopened this week and according to a district official, the campus has been effectively treated for Legionella bacteria.

It is unclear how many sites in the school were tested, but of the tested areas, three required remediation.

According to Superintendent Fransisco Duran, test results from Dec. 27, 2013 showed that remediation efforts were effective for the water storage tanks and most fixtures in the school; Legionella was still detected in two fixtures.

Duran said that “the two samples that had Legionella detected were collected from the old white sinks located in classrooms.  These sinks are not used frequently or not used at all.”  The sinks were removed and samples were taken for further testing.

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