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Dartmouth Police Station plan

A building committee has recommended that the Dartmouth Police Station in Dartmouth, MA be stripped and rehabbed following the discovery of Legionella bacteria last year.

“It’s going to be a more friendly police department to come into than it was before,” said Ken Vincent, Chairman of the Police Building Committee, and is supposed to be more adequate for the growing police department.

According to ABC, “The Police Building Committee is unanimously recommending the station under go a total gut job. Acting Chief Robert Szala is looking forward to getting a fresh start.”

The police worked temporarily out of trailers for quite some time after Legionella were discovered last year.

The rehab project for the station is expected to cost tax payers $7.3 million, but Vincent believes it is worthwhile.

“If we missed something and it started to grow again we’d be right back to where we are now. So rather than that, for the difference of $3 million, we’re better off stripping it right down to nothing, removing everything, knowing that it’s clean when we start,” he said.

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