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According to PR Newswire, Phigenics LLC – a water management services company – is publishing a research paper that shows that conventional methods of Legionella testing can yield up to 33% false-positive test results for Legionella bacteria, and that such testing methods also yield “significant” false-negative results. The report, titled “Inaccuracy in Legionella Tests of Building Water Systems Due to Sample Holding Time,” was published in Water Research, the official journal of the International Water Association.

The report asserts that inaccuracies in testing can be eliminated by culturing the bacteria immediately after taking a water sample on-site at the facility location. Shipping water samples to the laboratory increases susceptibility to errors outlined above, as the transit time can interfere with the sample.

The report hopes to reform current conventional Legionella bacteria testing, PR Newswire reports.


For more information, and a link to a full copy of the report, please visit the site below:




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