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 Legionella Control International

Legionella Control International, a company based in the UK, has recently released new Legionella risk management software called LegionellaSafe.  This new software system acts as an electronic logbook that will allow those in charge of facilities to more easily comply with regulations and safety performance.

LegionellaSafe eliminates paper filing while also making the entire monitoring process more manageable and streamlined.

“Our brand new LegionellaSafe system offers state-of-the-art risk management software for the control of Legionella,” said Jamie Tranter, General Manager at Legionella Control International.  “It offers best in class peace of mind to duty holders, health and safety professionals, facilities managers, and other stake holders who need to take full control of Legionella risk management systems while demanding intelligent, real-time reporting software.”

One of LegionellaSafe’s notable features is its ability to use data entered into the system to immediately identify a number of issues including areas of increased risk, negative trends, non-compliance issues, track defects, and appropriate remedial actions.  This software has the potential to allow managers to more effectively monitor a facility’s safety.

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