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Best Western Missouri

The Best Western in Hannibal, MO remains partially closed after Legionella bacteria were discovered in four of the 79 rooms at the hotel.

A team from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) took about 40 samples the hotel on Nov. 10 according to Ryan Hoabart, communications director of the Missouri Department of and Senior Services.  The CDC notified the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services of the positive findings in four rooms last Friday, Nov. 20.  The Missouri Department of Health then requested that the hotel be closed until remediation and subsequent testing were completed.

Matt Davis, maintenance manager of Hannibal’s Best Western, immediately closed the hotel and helped approximately 40 customers find alternative lodging.

Davis said, “Somebody could get sick from Legionella.  Usually, it’s younger people or older people, but anybody could get sick from something we didn’t do.  I think they would rather not make the money and close it down. We didn’t have to close it down. It was voluntarily closed by the owners.”

Mr. Davis did not comment on whether or not any guests have displayed symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease.

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