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Orlando VA

Three elderly veterans have contracted Legionnaires’ disease at the new Veterans Affairs facility in Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida.  All three veterans were living in the same wing of the building.

According to the health department, the showers were not the cause of illness.  Despite this, use of the showers is currently banned and access to restrooms and sinks are restricted while changes are made to the water system.

Congressman John Mica was disappointed in the VA’s lack of care in preventing Legionella infection and said, “it’s unfortunate that the proper protocols and procedures for flushing the lines and protecting the patients was not done by the Veterans Administration or the contractor,”

All three veterans were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease in July of this year and one died after contracted the illness; this death, however, was not attributed to the disease according to officials.

A VA spokesperson said that the water lines are currently being flushed on a daily basis and that they are also closely monitoring chlorine levels.

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