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An article in WESA said that the U.S. House Committee on Veterans Affairs held a second hearing earlier today regarding the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in 2011 in which at least 21 people became ill and 5 died.  According to Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA-18), the purpose of the hearing was to determine what the VA has done to prevent any future outbreaks.  He and Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO-6) both support a bill that would require VA hospitals to notify the state of any infectious disease outbreaks.  They believe that standard reporting procedures, modernized prevention methods, and special precautions should be taken by hospitals to prevent Legionella.

Further, according to an article in Trib Live News, local VA officials received glowing performance reviews and large bonuses just after the outbreak occurred.  However, these federal bonuses are being asked to be rescinded.

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