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According to articles published on Tampa Bay Online, three residents of Country Meadows mobile home park in Plant City, Florida have been sickened with Legionnaires’ disease; all three were hospitalized and one has since died.

Health investigators from Hillsborough County are currently combing the park for possible sources of legionella bacteria, and interviewing residents and the victims’ friends and family.  Officials from the Environmental Protection Commission have examined the facility’s water treatment plant, waste treatment plant, and reclaimed water system.  So far, there is no definite connection between the three victims that points to a source of infection, though two hot tubs and two swimming pools at the park have been closed due to low chlorine levels.

No new cases have been confirmed, according to the press, but health department officials are on the lookout, since Legionnaires’ disease has a 2 to 14 day incubation period and the park’s 1000 residents aged 55 and older are particularly vulnerable to infection by legionella.



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