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A nursing home in Ulster County, New York is a new focus for a suspected Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. The media reports that two residents of the Golden Hills Health Center have contracted the bacterial infection and were hospitalized as a result. Sadly, one victim, an 88-year-old woman, did not survive the disease. Officials have yet to release the names of the two individuals, but they have confirmed that both victims were women. The other was a 91-year-old. According to media reports, the only trait the two individuals had in common was the living facility they shared. While the nursing home hasn’t yet been established as the source of the disease, investigators are examining the nursing home’s water supply for traces of the legionella bacteria. Both the Ulster County and New York State Health Departments are involved in the investigation. Officials stated that water samples have been collected and sent to a laboratory for testing and hope to have results soon. In the meantime, the nursing home will begin preventative measures before water remediation efforts in hope begin. No residents are being removed from the facility, but residents are being monitored for flu-like symptoms over the next six months. Furthermore, residents are being asked to refrain from showering and advised to take baths instead since showers produce steam and water vapor that can contain legionella.

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