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A Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) employee, Robert Pierce, who worked as a vehicle washer recently passed away after contracting Legionnaires’ Disease. The CTA responded by closing down down two of its facilities and the vehicle washing equipment. Legionella is the common bacteria that resides in water and causes the form of pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ Disease. It is most likely Mr. Pierce was exposed to water droplets or vapor originating from a stagnant water source used by the vehicle washing equipment. Stagnant water is often a breeding area for the legionella bacteria. If water systems are not properly cleansed and maintained, the legionella bacteria can easily contaminate the entire system. For this reason misters, showers, and hot tubs are most at risk for containing legionella. The CTA has alerted 800 of its employees that may be at risk for the disease. An investigation regarding the disease’s source is still ongoing.

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