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Over three buildings at the Waco Veterans Affairs Medical Center have tested positive for Legionella bacteria, which can cause a deadly form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease.

The hospital had the tests done after a patient contracted Legionnaires’ disease in October 2013.  There are, however over 20 buildings on the Waco VA campus, so test results have not been received for all buildings yet.

Spokeswoman, Deborah Meyer, said that patients, family members, and employees were to be notified of the situation at the hospital on Tuesday, Dec. 10.  She said “we’ve been busy trying to get all these things going and looking to see what we need to do and making plans to contact everybody we need to contact.”

The patient who contracted Legionnaires’ disease on October 22, was staying in the hospital’s community living center, and has been treated for the illness.

According to Meyer, however, none of the other patients at the hospital will be displaced or relocated during the water system chlorination.  She also said that faucets have been installed to filter out Legionella.


UPDATE: Legionnaires’ has been discovered in several more buildings at the Waco VA Medical Center.  The count of contaminated buildings has risen to more than 10 now.

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