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UPMC Presbyterian

Potentially deadly Legionella bacteria have been found for the second time in a three-month timespan at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

The bacteria were first found in early May in ice machines at the hospital which led to three patients becoming ill with Legionnaires’ disease; one of these patients ultimately died.

Trib Live reported yesterday that the bacteria have been found once again, but this time in the sinks of three different patient rooms.

The Legionella contamination was pinpointed to the pulmonary medicine unit in the hospital, which holds patients especially vulnerable to Legionnaires’ disease due to their pre-existing lung disease.  The pulmonary medicine unit was recently remodeled and Legionella bacteria were found during routine water testing at reopening.

Tami Minnier, chief quality officer at UPMC, does not seem to think that the finding is a major problem and said “When you go and look for something really aggressively and you monitor it, and you track it, you find it.  The most important thing is that when you find it, you remediate it.  It does not mean that anything is wrong.”

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