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LA Fitness Naperville Illinois

Spa amenities at the LA Fitness in Naperville, IL have reopened after being closed for nearly three months.  The spa amenities, including a hot tub, were closed on Oct. 23, 2013 after two members became ill with Legionnaires’ disease; both of these confirmed cases are associated with the spa.

The full release from the DuPage County Health Department is below:

Spa facilities at LA Fitness in Naperville are set to re-open Jan. 10, 2014 after being closed by the DuPage County Health Department on October 23, 2013, due to two confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease associated with the spa. 

LA Fitness has worked cooperatively with the DuPage County Health Department and has followed State-recommended guidelines for appropriate remediation followed by clearance testing and continued monitoring.

Legionella bacteria are found naturally in the environment, usually in warm water. Keeping Legionella bacteria out of water is the key to preventing infection.  Most people with Legionnaires’ disease will have pneumonia since the Legionella bacteria grow and thrive in the lungs.  The two reported cases associated with the LA Fitness spa were hospitalized and subsequently recovered and discharged to home. 

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