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Ballarat Health Services AU

Ballarat Health Services in Australia closed its hydrotherapy pool after testing positive for Legionella.  The Queen Elizabeth Centre was also tested to see if the bacteria were present there as well; test results are expected in another week.

Wendy Hubbard at the Queen Elizabeth Centre said that they’ve never had a positive test and, to be safe, will be dosing the pool with more chlorine.

“We have this testing done every month and in all the time the pool has been open, we’ve never had a positive test,” she said.

According to Ms. Hubbard, they have a computerized system to test the chlorine levels every day.

“We actually are very, very careful because we’re part of a hospital and the people who go into our pool are sometimes frail and have disabilities.

We are very meticulous about our testing regime…because our clients are much more vulnerable.”

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