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West Chester U

As a precaution, West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCU) has temporarily turned off the hot water supply to ten buildings after test results came back positive for Legionella bacteria.

The tests were ordered after a school employee contracted Legionnaires’ disease last month.  Cooling towers of several buildings were subsequently tested.  According an official of WCU, the cooling towers have since been cleaned and disinfected.

The school official went on to say that the Legionella found in the water is “not cause for immediate concern” and there will be no disruption to Monday’s classes.

Students seem to be confident in the university’s ability to handle the situation, but are also glad that the bacteria were not found in the dormitories.

“It’s obviously concerning. I’m just glad it’s not in the dorms because that’s obviously where we’re showering and stuff,” Jeenal Shah of Phoenix, Arizona said.

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